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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Title: Always You
Author: Aimee Nicole Walker
Series: Fated Hearts, #6
Genre: M/M Romance
Publisher: Aimee Nicole Walker
Publication Date: June 14th 2016
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I’d often felt lost in the shadow of my older brother, Sebastian Blake. People either ran from me in fear or tried to use me to get to him. In my struggle to forge my own path, I’d taken a wrong turn a time or two, which nearly cost me my life. It’s true that what doesn’t kill you can make you stronger, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t filled with self-doubt and questioned my worthiness of being loved.

The minute I met Tomas Sarantos, I knew there was something special between us. I felt a connection to him that I’d never felt with anyone else, but I sadly watched the heat fade from his eyes the minute he learned who I was. My only choices were to accept his offer of friendship or nothing at all.

Tom became the best friend I’d ever had and I fell deeper in love with him every day. I died a little bit inside every time he talked about the love he was hoping to find and the family he wanted to have with someone else. My heart screamed at me to tell him that his search was over and that I was right there in front of him. Yet, I held my tongue and battled myself daily for over a year to hide my feelings from him. I lacked the courage to make a move, no matter how tired I was of denying my feelings for him.
* * *
I finally had everything I’d dreamed of when I accepted the position of CFO at Blake Industries – well, almost everything. I still hadn’t found the man I wanted to build a life with, until I met Wesley King. He was everything I ever wanted, but he was also the one I could never have. Dating in the workplace was risky enough, but falling in love with the CEO’s only brother was professional suicide. Too bad my heart wasn’t in agreement.

Wesley became the most important person in my life, the one I shared everything with except the one thing I wanted to give him – my heart. For an entire year, I tried to talk myself out of loving him and focused my efforts on finding someone attainable. I probably set a world record for dating disasters and all that I accomplished was to make me want Wesley even more.

Then life threw me a curveball and made me reevaluate everything. I could either take a chance that Wesley still felt the spark I once saw in him or continue on being miserable in the “friend zone.” It would either be the happiest time of my life or the most mortifying, but I’d never know unless I tried.

My Rating:
5 out of 5 stars

My Review:
Aimee Nicole Walker is my favorite M/M Romance author. Anything she writes I will buy and devour in one day.  Always You is the sixth book in the Fated Hearts series. It can be read as part of the series or as a standalone novel. Always You also includes the return of Sebastian and Adam Blake from the novel Only You. I've read every one of the books in the series and also Only You, and loved every single one of them.

We met Sebastian and Adam in "Only You". Here we have Sebastian's brother, Wesley.  Wesley has some emotional baggage from dealing with his past drug addiction and his homophobic father.  Tom is ready to settle down and start a family but the only person he seems to want is Wesley, but he is the bosses little brother so that puts him firmly in the friend zone. I loved the friendship between Tom and Wesley so much. Their playful banter had me cracking up on more than one occasion.

When Sebastian finally gives Tom the "go ahead" things got steamy. They have insane chemistry together.  Tom tries to take things slowly between them, but Wesley has been waiting a long time and doesn't want to move as slowly.

“He’s given me the green light to pursue what I want most in the world on two conditions.”

“W -what conditions?” His nervous stammering was fucking adorable.

“We keep our personal relationship away from the office and that he’ll hunt me down and kill me if I hurt you.” I rubbed the tip of my nose against his and embraced the soft sigh that escaped Wesley’s mouth. “One of those will be so fucking hard to do and the other one will be a piece of cake. Guess which one I’ll struggle with, Wes.” My fingers itched to touch him, to press against his bare flesh and file them away in my memory. “I want to kiss you so fucking bad, but a promise is a promise.” The elevator pinged and I stepped away from him.

Aimee Nicole Walker writes an amazing romance but she also tugs on your heart strings with issues such as Cancer, Addiction, Suicide, and Depression. She makes you feel the strength, struggles, and hope that the characters go through.  Another great addition to the series that left me smiling long after it was over.

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  1. This is great, I am always on the look out for new reads on Amazon. I do not have Unlimited, but do have Prime Lending Library. I read the Body Reader which was excellent.

    1. My husband laughs at me because I check the new releases on Amazon every morning. lol! I'm obsessed


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