New Release: Tied Score by Elia Winters

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Title: Tied Score
Author: Elia Winters
Series: Slices of Pi, #2
Genre: M/F Romance
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication Date: August 15th 2016
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Geeky meets kinky in this second too-hot-to-handle novel in the Slices of Pi series by RITA-nominated author Elia Winters, which follows the erotic adventures of the employees at PI Games, a gaming company based out of sultry Florida.

Iris Parker never planned on ending up in HR because, let’s face it: HR isn’t the most glamorous position in the world. She took a comfortable job and always planned on leaving when something better came along, but before she knows it, she’s thirty and the HR director for PI Games. Even though she likes her coworkers, there’s no excitement in the job for her, and Iris is worried that she’ll lose her spark. Luckily, Iris’s romantic life provides some thrills—living the confirmed bachelor life, when she wants her bed warm, she can find company, and in her sights at the moment is the cute pastry chef at her favorite bakery.

Owen Hobbs has noticed the gorgeous businesswoman making eyes at him when she comes in for coffee and sweets, but he’s not the type of guy who dates much anymore. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t take long in his sporadic dating history to learn that most women aren’t interested in taking charge in bed, which is what he really craves. Working early mornings at the bakery keeps him from the nightlife where he might meet someone who can fulfill his needs, so he’s resigned himself to fantasies and pretty much given up on the dating scene altogether. But when Iris’s advances become too much to resist, Owen finds himself revealing his desire to be sexually dominated...the only question is, is she the right woman for the job?

My Rating:
3 and a half out of 5 stars

My Review:
This book was a little different from the typical dom/sub romances that I've read before.  In this one the man wanted to submit to a dominant woman in the bedroom.  I had never read a story where the roles were reversed so I was intrigued.  I have to say, I really liked this one.

Iris is a bit of a commitment-phobe and strictly sticks to one night stands and no emotional connection. She has a very private personal life and doesn't like to share any information about herself or her past. When she first sees Owen she is instantly attracted to him and asks him to meet her one night for some mutual satisfaction.

Owen is a workaholic that owns his own bakery.  It's been a long time since he has been with anyone so he agrees to meet up with Iris.  Owen is used to giving orders and being the boss at his job so what he really craves is a dominant woman that would take charge in the bedroom.  After their first time together Owen admits that he wants to submit in the bedroom and Iris is intrigued.  She's never had that kind of control and decides that she wants to keeps trying new things together.

The chemistry between the two of them was really hot and made for some really sizzling scenes.  I just wish that there was a little more emotion between the two of them.  Iris and her commitment issues made it really difficult for me to be able to think of them as a true couple.  She drove me a little crazy with her hot and cold temperament. The ending was also a little abrupt for me.  I would say this one is more of a HFN then HEA type of romance.

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  1. I haven't read about a dom/sub romance like this either, so you have me intrigued. It's a shame that Iris drove you a little crazy though. Great review!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace


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