Review: Southern Nights & Secrets by Robin Covington

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Title: Southern Nights and Secrets
Author: Robin Covington
Series: The Boys Are Back In Town, #4
Genre: M/F Romance
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication Date: September 19th 2016
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Being a doctor is everything to me, but I’m not going to let bureaucrats tell me how to practice medicine. It’s about saving lives no matter what, screw them and their paperwork.

When the one woman I could never forget, Ginger Crawford, shows up as my boss all bets are off. The heat between us is tough to ignore but I have to if I want a future at this hospital. It isn’t easy. Every time we argue, I want her even more.

But I’ve got secrets she can never know, and she’s always going to be way too good for me. So it’s best if she hates me…at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

My Rating:
DNF @ 56%

My Review:
I'm sorry, I really hate to not finish books that I've been given for review but I tried to push myself through this one and unfortunately I couldn't do it. I couldn't stand the male MC at all! This is a second chance romance, and we are told that he coldly broke up with her and then proceeded to sleep with her roommate...which he makes sure she walks in on.... Yeah, I'm sorry there isn't really any coming back from that. Supposedly he did it for her on good because he wasn't good enough for her. He  regrets it and comes from a tough upbringing and we are supposed to feel bad enough about it that we let go the fact that he's a disgusting manwhore?? Sorry, I couldn't.  This one just wasn't for me.

**  I received an ARC of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  **

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  1. Oh no! I'm sorry you hit a DNF :( Those make me so sad. Especially when you think of all the awesome books out there you could have been reading instead!

    It's hard when you feel absolutely no connection to the MC and end up disliking them so much you want to throw the book against the wall!

    Hope your next read is better!!

    Di @ Book Reviews by Di

    1. Exactly! I really hate DNF a book but this one just wasn't for me at all, and then it is disappointing because I have a ton of books that I could have read instead. "Life is too short for bad books!" lol


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