Review: Love Unwrapped by Hayden Hunt

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Title: Love Unwrapped
Author: Hayden Hunt
Genre: M/M Romance
Publication Date: November 28th 2016
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How could he do this to me? 

I thought me and my ex really had something together. And then I find out he's been cheating on me for months. I mean, we were supposed to move in together, for crying out loud! And to think, I was going to surprise him by taking him to the shelter to adopt that dog he's always wanted. It was my Christmas gift to him. 

Well, jokes on him, because I'm going to adopt a dog anyway. What better way to get through a break up, right? And, well, when I meet a cute shelter employee named Gene I'm definitely not disappointed. I'm not sure it'll actually lead to anything but there's nothing wrong with some harmless rebound flirting, right? 

It's been a long time since I've been open to dating again. 

After my ex dumped me brutally years ago, I've become pretty closed off when it comes to meeting new guys. I just don't want to end up hurt like I did before. Plus the animal shelter keeps me really busy these days. Someone has to be there for these dogs. 

So when I meet Eli, I'm a little nervous. He's not only very attractive but also incredibly kind. I can see myself really falling for a guy like him. But I can also really see myself getting my heart ripped out by him... And I'm not sure if exploring a relationship is really worth it. Even if he does love Christmas time as much as I do. 

My Rating:
2 out of 5 stars

My Review:
I am a huge fan of holiday romances so when I saw this one, I decided to give it a try, even though I haven't found a Hayden Hunt book that I've really loved yet.  This one, unfortunately, wasn't what I was hoping for either.

I am going to have to give some spoilery information in order to explain the problems I had with this one, so if you don't want spoilers you should stop reading now.

One of the HUGE issues I had with this book is that Eli just found out earlier in the day that his boyfriend of about 3 years was cheating on him with a woman and got her pregnant.  He tells him this one the day that he is supposed to be helping him decorate for Christmas AND also moving in...  Understandably, Eli is upset, but not upset enough to flirt with the dog shelter worker and sleep with him that night.  Or for him to decide the next morning that they have something special together (after knowing him for a couple hours) and wanting somehting serious....  All of that craziness isn't what really throws me off though.  What really got to me was that Eli was just worrying hours earlier if his now ex-boyfriend had used protection while having his affair and wondering if he "gave him anything" because they never use protection together.  So what does he do??  He has unprotected sex with a guy that he has just met.  Really??

The whole "buildup" to the sex scene was REALLY strange too.  One minute they are decorating for Christmas and feeling awkward and the next second they are having sex.  No buildup or feelings of chemistry, just jumping each other.  Super weird.

I don't like to write bad reviews but this one just didn't work for me at all.  It may be different for other people, but I think I will avoid Hayden Hunt's books from now on.

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  1. Awwww, the cover is so adorable. It's too bad that this one disappointed you. I'm going to be honest - it sounds awful. o_o I would not like it at all. *sigh* You tried though! Great review, Julie. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Thanks! I was looking forward to this one because I love romances with cute animals involved, and also holiday romances so I figured this would be a win. Super bummed!

  2. Oh goodness. When I saw the cover of this one I thought that it would be such a cute book and yet it sounds terrible. :( I'm sorry it was such a disappointing read for you and I definitely won't be trying it!

    Thanks for the great review. :)

    1. Thank you! I thought it looked and sounded really cute too, it just was not my cup of tea,unfortunately. It's definitely not something I would recommend, but someone else may like it more than I did.


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