Review: Pounding Skin by L.A. Witt

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Title: Pounding Skin
Author: L.A. Witt
Series: Skin Deep Inc. #2
Genre: MM Romance
Publisher: Swerve
Publication Date: July 11th 2017

 Fighter pilot Jon Russell never sleeps with the same man twice. Known for his lack of shame when it comes to hooking up, Jon has no interest in commitment—even friends with benefits sounds like too much work.

Matt Huffman has slept with lots of women. He’s had loads of girlfriends. So why does the hot as hell pilot getting a tattoo as the result of a lost bet stop his breath? And how come he can’t stop thinking about him, even after he’s gone?

When Jon returns to Skin Deep the second time, he doesn’t want another tattoo. He wants to hook up with the gorgeous artist he spent hours agonizingly close to, and Matt wants to explore some curiosity about men. Fulfill the desire he can’t stop fantasizing over. And he wants to do it with Jon.

As their casual hook up becomes more than just skin deep, both Matt and Jon are faced with questions they don’t want to answer. Matt understands he’s bi—but are these feelings he has typical of hooking up with a man? Or is it only Jon that can make his heart pound? If Jon wanted nothing more than a fling, why does he find himself needing not just Matt’s body, but all of him? And can their relationship withstand the hardships that makes Jon avoid them in the first place?

The Skin Deep, Inc books can be read in any order—come enter a world where gorgeous tattoo artists and hot Navy men find passion, pleasure, and a happily ever after together.

Pounding Skin is the second book in L.A. Witt's Skin Deep Inc series, but can be read as a stand alone.  We do see a little bit of the couple from the first story, Daniel and Colin, but you wouldn't be lost if you decided to read the books out of order.  I think I liked this one slightly better than the first book, but still not enough to bump it up to a 4 star rating.  I needed a little more from the story.

These two had a ton of chemistry together and burned up the pages together with all of their sexy scenes.  Since they have a friends-with-benefits relationship there are a lot of steamy scenes in this one.  Normally I like the steamy scenes, but I felt like there were maybe a bit TOO many.  It took a bit away from their story and I found myself skimming a little.  I  really loved seeing their relationship slowly progress and them starting to get feelings for each other, even if Jon was purposely obtuse about them.

I will say that while I loved the sizzling chemistry between the two of them, I did wish for a little more of a plot.  This was a very relationship-focused story and I would have liked to know more about the characters and what's going on in their day to day lives.  We get some of Matt's backstory regarding his family, but we also know from the very beginning of the story that he is struggling with being able to pay his bills....but other than the issues with his car that is that last we hear of it.  It sounded pretty dire at the beginning of the story so I was really surprised when it wasn't mentioned again.  We never really learn too much about Jon, other than that he is a bit of a self-proclaimed manwhore.  We also find out that his parents were okay with him coming out as gay but we don't learn much else about his backstory other than that...and of course we know he's a pilot.  I would have liked to know more about why he is so against a real relationship.  It seems like there should be a reason for him being so vehemently against it, other than "I'm saving myself from being hurt". I just wanted a little more.

The ending was a little rushed but we are left with a happy ending, which I always love.  We also get a little sneak peak at the next book in the series.  If you are in the mood for a low angst read with lots of steam then this is the book for you, but maybe not so much if you want something with deeper meaning.  Even with the issues I had with this one, I will still be picking up the next book.

* I received an ARC of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own. *

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  1. Thanks for your honest thoughts. I do agree that this one had a bit less back story than the first, but I still really enjoyed it. I'm very curious about the third book.


    1. I did like this one a bit better than the first one in the series, but I just wanted a little more story. I am really curious about the next one too.

  2. Too bad the ending was a little rushed. I always dislike that also in certain books.

    1. Yeah, I like an ending where things are wrapped up nicely but not when it's really rushed.

  3. Too many sexy scenes can certainly take away from my enjoyment of a story too. I'm glad you get a HEA, but a rushed ending is just annoying. I'm still drooling over that cover though! LOL! ;)

    1. hahaha that is one great cover!! lol! I enjoy some steamy scenes but not when they completely overwhelm the story.


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