Review: Trust with a Chaser by Annabeth Albert

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Title: Trust with a Chaser
Author: Annabeth Albert
Series: Rainbow Cove, #1
Genre: MM Romance
Publication Date: August 1st 2017

 One hot cop. One bar owner out for redemption. One smoking-hot summer fling destined to leave scorch marks…

Mason Hanks has returned to Rainbow Cove, Oregon with one goal in mind: turn the struggling coastal community into a thriving LGBTQ tourism destination. Step one is transforming an old bar and grill into a gay-friendly eatery. Step two? Don’t piss off Nash Flint, the very hot, very stern chief of police who’s not so sure he’s on board with Mason’s big plans. 

Nash Flint just wants to keep his community safe and enjoy the occasional burger in peace. He’s not big on change nor is he a fan of Mason’s troublemaking family, especially his rowdy older brothers. But Mason slowly wins him over with fantastic cooking and the sort of friendship Nash has been starving for.

When their unlikely friendship takes a turn for the sexy, both men try to steer clear of trouble. Nash believes he’s too set in his ways for Mason, and Mason worries that his family’s reputation will ruin any future with Nash. Burning up the sheets in secret is a surefire way to crash and burn, and discovery forces a heart-wrenching decision—is love worth the risk of losing everything?

Annabeth Albert is one of my "auto-buy" authors when it comes to MM romances.  Some of them have pretty pretty hit or miss but I just can't seem to stay away from her books.  I loved more of them than I haven't liked.  I was really excited to see that she had started a new series and scooped it up on Kindle Unlimited as soon as I could.  My favorite series from her so far is the #gaymers series.  What can I say, I love the nerdy romances.  I also really love opposite attract stories and that is what Trust with a Chaser is.  We have the (not so) straight-laced cop and a man who's family has been on the wrong side of the law one too many times.  This one also has a bit of an age gap.  That's not normally my thing, but I do seem to be reading a lot of those lately.

I absolutely LOVED Mason.  He worked so hard to overcome his family's reputation while still having a heart of gold.  He was family oriented, even when they took advantage of his help far too often.  He had a caring heart for everyone around him, even when they hurt him.  I really enjoyed grumpy and stoic Nash too.  His hot and cold behavior made me a little crazy at times, but I guess it was understandable since he was worried about being outed.  I just hated seeing it hurt my little cinnamon roll, Mason. haha!

Although this story does have an age gap (Mason is 27, and Nash is "close to 40"), it didn't ever seem like something that was a problem. Mason was very mature and hard-working. Nash jokes frequently about his "old" age but it never comes off as a HUGE obstacle that they have to overcome.  They talk about it but neither is that overly worried about it.

There is a bit of a slow burn, but not too much, I would say a just right amount of waiting. Nash and Mason  have crazy chemistry together, so it isn't too long until Nash gives in. There is a lot of back and forth on Nash's part, because he is closeted, but I liked how it played out in the end. They had a good amount of steamy scenes together and I loved every second of it. lol!  I liked that they both agreed to keep it as just a casual thing at first, but we see those vulnerable romantic moments sneak their way in gradually.  It wasn't an all of a sudden they have feelings kind of thing.  I liked that they also got to know each other and had sweet moments  with just them together too.

I liked the way things were with them at the end of the story but I still feel like I want a little bit more.  Maybe a fun little holiday novella or something??  I don't want to give too much away in the way that the story ends (even though it IS pretty predictable) but I just wanted to see how things were going to end up with Lilac.  I also would have like to see a little more of how they interacted around town together as a couple.  We are told about some people not being too accepting but most were and I think that would have been a good addition to the story.

Albert has a wonderful way of drawing you into the setting and getting to know the secondary character as well.  She introduces secondary characters in a way that makes you really like them but also makes you want to know more about them, which sets up the series nicely to give each one their own book. I can't wait to know more about Logan, Adam, and Mason's city friend Brock.  I'm also really curious about Mason's reclusive best friend, Curtis.  I will definitely be picking up the other books in this series whenever I can get my hands on them.

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  1. Great review! I do really love Annabeth Albert and this one is on my wish list. I'll have to try and get a copy soon since you enjoyed it so much.


    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! Annabeth Albert is one of my favorite MM romance authors. I always have to pick up her new books. I think I've read everything of her so far. lol. I hope you love this one when you get to check it out

  2. I haven't read this author but I keep hearing great things. Which book would you recommend I start with first?

    1. Ohhh I hope you do get to check out her books soon. I think her #gaymers series may be my absolute favorite so far because I have a soft spot for the nerdy types. lol! But if you are into the more alpha types, the Out of Uniform series is great too. They have military men in them.

  3. This is a new author to me but I do occasionally enjoy an M/M romance so I think I need to introduce myself to her work. It sounds like the romance pacing is just right and like I might enjoy this one as well. Great review!

    1. If you do get to check out her books, I hope you enjoy them! I definitely enjoyed this one a lot. Thanks, Sara!

  4. I loved this one. I just find all her books so comforting.

    For What It's Worth

    1. So glad to hear that you loved this one too! Her books do have that swoon factor


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