Review: Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips

Monday, March 20, 2017

Title: Faking Perfect
Author: Rebecca Phillips
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: June 30th 2015

When Lexi Shaw seduced Oakfield High's resident bad boy Tyler Flynn at the beginning of senior year, he seemed perfectly okay with her rules:

1. Avoid her at school.
2. Keep his mouth shut about what they do together.
3. Never tease her about her friend (and unrequited crush) Ben.

Because with his integrity and values and golden boy looks, Ben can never find out about what she’s been doing behind closed doors with Tyler. Or that her mom’s too busy drinking and chasing losers to pay the bills. Or that Lexi’s dad hasn’t been a part of her life for the last thirteen years. But with Tyler suddenly breaking the rules, Ben asking her out, and her dad back in the picture, how long will she be able to go on faking perfect?

Faking Perfect is the story of Lexi, a girl with a not so good home life who thinks that the answer to all her problems is to try and fit in with the popular crowd. Unfortunately for her shiny image, she also has a weakness for the bad boy type. She seduces the resident tattooed, weed-dealing bad boy, Tyler Flynn, at the beginning of her senior year and carries on a secret relationship with him. She makes him avoid her at school, keep her secret and never ever tease her about her crush on her friend and local golden boy, Ben.

This was a really fun contemporary romance with some great characters and some really nice writing. It was a lot fresher and feistier than a lot of contemporary romances I’ve read and I read it all in almost one sitting.

I really liked Lexi. She was fun and the typical confused teen trying to figure herself out. Most of all I love her sarky attitude. She was flawed but still likeable, and I liked the way she developed over the course of the book. She was so relatable in the way she felt so much pressure to conform to being the image her friends wanted of her. 

The plot moved along nicely, and although I could kind of see where it was going most of the time and managed to predict most of the plot points, I didn’t mind at all because there was plenty going on. The author highlighted a lot of high school struggles and issues: teen pregnancy, popularity, drugs, drinking, sex and this kept things pretty interesting.

I really enjoyed this one and can't wait to read Rebecca Phillips' new book due out in August! 

*I received a copy of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own. *

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  1. I enjoyed this one when I read it too. I didn't realize she had a new book coming out so I have to check that out!! Great review!

    1. I'm going to be sharing her new book for my Waiting on Wednesday post this week! It sounds like it's going to be a good. one. Thanks, Grace! I actually read this one a long time ago but didn't have my blog then so thought I would share it now.

  2. This sounds like a fun read! I've been wanting to read more contemporary romance, so this sounds great!

    1. I really enjoyed it, so if you get a chance to read it, I hope you love it!

  3. I really like cute books, even if they are a bit predictable so I think I will enjoy this one too! Thanks so much. Great review :)

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

    1. If you get a chance to check it out, I hope you love it! Thanks, Michelle!


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