Monthly Review: May

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A quick recap of all the happenings around my blog.

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# of Reviews: 11

Average Rating: 3.2 stars

How I'm Doing On My Reading Challenges:
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Goodreads Challenge: 83 out of 200 books
Beat the Backlist:  18 out of 50 books
New Release Challenge:  57 out of 125 books

I'm falling a bit behind on my reading lately.  I'm going to blame the warm weather. lol!  I've got a lot of reading to get through next month so hopefully I can get myself in gear again.

I've also been failing at posting reviews for every book I read.  I definitely read more than 11 books this month but I'm not always the best with sitting down and writing a review when I am finished.  Hopefully I can get better with that!

What you can expect in June:
Well, I got REALLY click happy on NetGalley this month so I have A LOT of books to review.  I'm hoping I can keep up.  I've got 12 ARCs scheduled throughout the month.  They are a mixture of YA, romances, fantasy, and a thriller.  I have a little bit of everything.  With so many books to read in June, I'm going to have a pretty hard time trying to keep up with my Backlist challenge but I'm going to try!  I have a couple of the ARCs read, reviewed, and scheduled already so hopefully that gives me a little extra time.

I've also got some fun Top Ten Tues/list posts and Waiting on Wednesday posts scheduled in advance.  I will also be sharing another one of my art posts.  I think I will be sharing Iron Man/Tony Stark next!

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What would you like to see more/less of on my blog?  How was your May?


  1. It looks like you had a great month! I can't wait to read all your reviews next month!

    1. Thanks, Angela! I'm actually having trouble scheduling some of them into the month because there are so many! lol! I may have to do more than one post a day.

  2. Warm weather can play havoc with the concentration. I'm lucky to have avoided that so far but last summer was a disaster! Hope you get some good reading done soon!

    1. I'm doing okay with keeping up now but I'm not sure how long that will last. lol! I will have to take advantage of rainy days and read like crazy. lol! Thank you!

  3. Yikes! It looks like you have a busy month ahead of you this month! I hate it when NetGalley draws you in and you click on ALL THE BOOKS! I'm doing really well there at the moment and my goal is to actually be able to do a blend of backlist and ARCs WITHOUT messing up my ARC schedule, so that will mean requesting very carefully!

    My reading has been super slow this year and I don't see myself catching up at all.. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the pace a little but really, I think 80 books is about as good as it will get this year!

    Happy June and I hope you have a great month!

    1. Ohhhh yesss, NetGalley always draws me in. lol! I just can't say no to all of the books! I was really hoping to knock a lot of books off of my backlist but I'm not sure if that is going to happen next month since I have so many ARCs. I will have to catch up in July/August! lol

      Thanks, Di! I hope you have a great month too!

  4. I really wanted to read My Fairy Godmother is a Drag Queen for the same reasons as you. I requested the book, and I think they sent me the wrong book??? Anyways, that was probably a good thing in the end though, considering how low it's ratings are...

    1. That's so weird that they sent you the wrong book! I had that happen once before but they realized what they did and sent me the right book so I ended up with 2 different books. lol. Yeah, I though My Fairy Godmother is a Drag Queen had so much potential but it just wasn't for me at all.


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