Review: Summer Stock by Vanessa North

Monday, May 15, 2017

Title: Summer Stock
Author: Vanessa North
Genre: MM Romance
Publisher: Riptide Rublishing
Publication Date: May 15th 2017

 Tabloid scandals have driven TV star Ryan Hertzog to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where he’s hiding out doing summer stock at his cousin’s seaside theater. When a hookup with local handyman Trey Donovan results in Ryan being photographed butt naked, he vows to keep his pants on and his hands off Trey. How was he supposed to know Trey would turn out to be the summer stock set builder?

Trey isn’t looking for a relationship; he’s still recovering from the emotional fallout of an abusive marriage. But Ryan’s laughter draws him in again and again, and he’s not about to say no to fooling around.

As the summer heats up, the paparazzi catch Ryan in increasingly compromising situations. Ryan might be too much drama for a summer fling—and Trey might be just an intermission from Ryan’s Hollywood life. But if they take their cues from Shakespeare, all’s well that ends well.

Ryan is an actor who got caught up in a scandal with his best friend Ali, whom everyone thinks he is in a relationship with.  To escape the paparazzi he decides to head to his hometown in North Carolina and act at the local theater his cousin co-owns.  While he is in town he has a drunken hookup, with a man named Trey, that he finds out works at the theater.  Trey is still healing emotionally from an abusive marriage and suffers from panic attacks.  They have a lot of chemistry together, and decide to continue their relationship while Ryan is in town and part ways as friends when it's over, but that is easier said than done.

Trey was equal parts adorable and frustrating to me.  Because of his past with his ex-husband, he feels like he isn't good enough for Ryan and pushes him away multiple times.  He has problems with putting his foot in his mouth.  He also has moments that make me love him....and he has and adorable "beast" of a dog!  I loved Ryan.  Even though he was a famous celebrity he never acted as if he was better than anyone else.  He takes a secondary character role at a small theater without any fuss about not getting a leading role, and even helps a fellow actor with her craft.  He has moments when he acts a little immature, but he didn't make me as crazy as Trey did.

I was a little worried about Ryan's best friend Ali or her boyfriend West causing some problems, because Ali was in rehab for addiction issues and seemed a little unhinged.  She wrecked West's car and caused issues for Ryan by hiding drugs in his car before. We are also told that in the past Trey used to have sex with West while Ali watched,  but nothing like that happens in the "present".  When we finally meet Ali, she was nothing like I expected.  She was really sweet and didn't start any problems.  I'm still on the fence about West.

There were quite a few steamy scenes between Ryan and Trey, but also some really sweet moments sprinkled in.  Vanessa North did a great job showing us how they went from being in lust to being in love.  I really enjoyed this one.  The only real issue I had with it is when Trey repeatedly puts is foot in his mouth in order to sabotage their relationship because he's "unworthy".  It got a little too back and forth for me.  A lot of their interaction became Trey insulting Ryan in some way, and then having to apologize.  That being said, it was still an enjoyable read with two sweet characters.

*I received an ARC of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own. *

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  1. I haven't read anything by Vanessa North, but I hear her name a lot among M/M romance fans. Trey definitely sounds like he's frustrating, but I like the sound of Ryan a lot. Glad you enjoyed this, Julie!

    1. Yeah, I really ended up loving Ryan. He was a sweetheart. I've read a couple of Vanessa North's books now but I haven't absolutely loved too many of them for some reason. I thought this one was cute tho. Thanks, Nick!

  2. I'm excited for this one! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I've only read one book by North but it was great.


    1. Glad to hear that you've loved a book by North before. A lot of people I know have her on their auto-buy list. lol! I ended up enjoying this one, and I loved Ryan. Thanks, Lauren!

  3. This sounds like a really good story. Ali sounds like a real mess. Glad you enjoyed this one!

    1. Ohhhh yes, Ali was definitely a big mess. Luckily she was in the process of turning her life around and didn't really add any extra drama to the story. Thanks, Carole!


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