Review: Make Me Stay by Sidney Halston

Monday, June 26, 2017

Title: Make Me Stay
Author: Sidney Halston
Series: Panic, #2
Genre: MF Romance
Publisher: Loveswept
Publishing Date: June 27th 2017

 April: Walking away from Matt Moreno was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Lying to him was a close second, but for his safety, I had no other choice. I was undercover, working to put some nasty people behind bars. But when Matt nearly recognizes me on Lincoln Road a year later, all those very real feelings come rushing back. Now that my assignment’s almost over, will he understand why I lied? Why I had to leave? Most important, can he ever forgive me?

Matt: I was madly in love with June Simpson . . . or, at least, with the woman I thought was June. Then she just disappeared while my family’s nightclub went through hell. And after months of searching, when I think I’ve finally found that sexy, raspy voice and those exquisite blue eyes, she slips away once more. Turns out, “June” is actually Detective April White. She’s been playing me the whole time. And she’s about to rock my world all over again.

Make Me Stay is the second book in Sidney Halston's series, Panic.  They can be read as standalones but I would recommend reading book one first because the couple from the first book are in this one a lot, and there are also events that are mentioned that happened in the first book.  The first book in this series, Pull Me Close, was about Nick and this book is about his twin brother Matt. Matt is a lawyer who also helps to run his family’s night-club, Panic. Matt first meets June at Panic and is instantly drawn to her. They have a ton of chemistry together and begin dating, when things finally start to become serious and Matt falls for her she disappears.  I don't want to give too much else away about the story because I think it would ruin it.  The book is split into two parts. The first part is set in the past with Matt meeting June at Panic. The second part of the story is told in the present (about a year later). 

I loved Matt in the first book and have been eagerly waiting for his story. In the first book Nick is the grumpy bear who always seems stressed, and Matt was shown as the fun-loving one that never lets anything get to him.  In this book, we see that isn't really the case and he hides his emotions well.  I have to be honest, it took me a while to warm up to June. I, personally, wouldn't have been able to get past what she did to Matt, but I liked how everything was dealt with in the end, and they could each see the other's side of things.  I liked June's attitude in the first half of the book and how spunky she was, but in the second half of the book I felt she lost a lot of that.  

I don't think I loved this one quite as much as the first book in the series, but I still liked it a lot.  I thought this one was a lot more angsty than the first one, so that may be why I didn't love it as much.  A big portion on the second half of the book is Matt dealing with his anger and hurt over what June did to him.  He values honesty and he had to decide if he could trust her again, or if he could even let go of the past. There were a couple other issues I had with this one but they are really spoiler-y so don't read past this point if you don't want to know!!!  SPOILER! I didn't love that April getting hurt is what brought them back together, and I REALLY didn't enjoy the amnesia trope.  I feel like that's so overdone and way to "convenient". END SPOILER. All of that being said, I did end up enjoying this one, angst and all. lol!

*I received an ARC of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. *

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  1. Ooooh, I like the sounds of this one! I love angst so perhaps that won't bother me as much. I'll have to check out the first book so I can read this one as well!

    1. I hope you get to check this series out! I'm loving it so far. I've loved almost every Sidney Halston book I've read so far.

  2. I'm weird about the amnesia trope in romance novels. I can do them in YA with sci-fi elements and stuff, but not romance. I'm glad you liked the book overall and that some of the bleh elements didn't hinder your enjoyment of the story. I will have to check out the series though! Sounds good! :)

    1. Yeah, I tend to not love them in my romances either. It always seem they remember everything at exactly the right time and that's annoying. I did still like this one a lot tho. I just wished they figured out a different way towards the forgiveness between them

  3. I struggled with this book. I loved book 1! I really didn't like the amnesia trope at all and I had a hard time liking April/June. And seriously, she was the WORST undercover agent ever. How did he not suspect something!?!

    1. I definitely didn't enjoy this one as much as book one but I still thought it was good. I HATED the amnesia trope. That really drives me crazy. She really was the worst undercover agent ever. lol!


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