Review: Secret by Kindle Alexander

Friday, July 28, 2017

Title: Secret
Author: Kindle Alexander
Genre: MM Romance
Publication Date: June 9th 2015

 Tristan Wilder, self-made millionaire and devastatingly handsome CEO of Wilder-Nation is on the verge of a very lucrative buyout. With tough negotiations ahead, he's armed with his acquisition pitch, ready to launch the deal of a lifetime. There’s just one glitch. The last thing he expects is to fall for the hot business owner he's trying to sway.

Dylan Reeves, computer science engineer and founder of the very successful social media site, Secret, is faced with a life-altering decision. A devoted family man with three kids and a wife, Dylan has been living a secret for years. Fiercely loyal to his convictions, his boundaries blur after meeting the striking owner of the corporation interested in acquiring his company. For the first time in his life, reckless desire consumes him when the gorgeous computer mogul makes an offer he can't refuse.

This is my third read from Kindle Alexander and I've loved all three books so far.  That means I am definitely going to have to go back and scoop up more of her books! lol!  I already have 2 more waiting for me on my Kindle.  She writes the best swoon-worthy mm romances with some great steamy scenes.  I like her stories a lot because the steam doesn't completely overpower the plot.  I would also like to state that while the synopsis DOES say he is married with kids, there is NO cheating.  At all.  Trust me!

Dylan and his wife and best friend,Teri had all three of their children when they were very young.  After Dylan quit drinking he confessed to Teri that he was gay, and they decided to stay together to raise their kids.  They also decided that while they were going to continue being a team to raise their children together, they were obviously no longer going to be "physically together" and they could date outside of their fake relationship...but they have to keep everything a secret.  They are planning on telling the kids when they are old enough to head off to college, and then they are going to "separate" to find their own happiness.  Teri has been in a serious relationship with a man for a couple years but has kept it a secret, while Dylan has remained celibate since.  Until he meets Tristan, of course. lol!  

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the low level of angst in this one.  After reading the synopsis, I really expected this to be full of angst but it wasn't so much.  Dylan struggles a bit with public displays of affection but after hiding for so long and being worried about being seen, it makes sense.  I've seen a lot of reviews that say they feel as if Tristan was extremely pushy, and I didn't really feel that way.  He let Dylan call the shots and let him know they didn't have to do anything he wasn't ready for.  Dylan gave consent, he was just nervous.  The steamy scenes between them were sizzling, but I didn't feel like they overwhelmed the story.

Tristan isn't the type of man who has time for relationships or closeted men, but he finds himself instantly drawn to Dylan.  He was so sweet with Dylan and really went out of his way to show him how much he cared.  He quickly decides that he wants more than just the night with Dylan, but he feels as if he has to convince Dylan to start a relationship with him.  Dylan's main concern is 100% his family and doesn't want to get involved in anything that could potentially hurt them.  Tristan does everything he can to make Dylan comfortable and happy, even going as far to say that he would wait for him as long as he needs to.  He also makes a genuine effort to be nice and get to know Dylan's family, and I thought that was super sweet.

Dylan is so used to hiding everything about himself that he's closed off his emotions a lot.  He is a hard man to read because he's built such a huge wall around himself.  Tristan had trouble figuring out how he was really feeling about things.  Dylan has his moments when he panics and acts kind of like a jerk and that made him a little hard to connect with at first, but his love for his family really won me over.   

I really loved that Teri was never portrayed as the evil wife/villain.  She was one of Dylan's biggest supporters and wanted him to be happy.  They truly were best friends and talked everything through.  She let him know when she thought he was being stupid and even helped him see Tristan.

There wasn't too much about this story that I didn't enjoy.  I loved that we even got a sweet epilogue to see how everything worked out for everyone.  It really helped cement their HEA for me.

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  1. I was like hell no after that synopsis so I'm glad you clarified lol

    For What It's Worth

    1. hahaha! I was the same way when I originally read the synopsis but someone told me to give it a chance and I would be pleasantly surprised. That's probably why it waiting on my Kindle for so long tho. lol! I'm glad I ended up checking it out.

  2. I love books that are low on the angst! It makes reading the book so much more enjoyable. I have to say I'm surprised the angst is low in this one given the situation they are all in, but it sounds like everyone involved acts like adults!
    Great review, Julie!

    1. YES!! I have been trying to avoid books that seem like they are going to be really angsty. I will save the angsty books for Winter. lol! I like the fun ones during the summer. Thanks so much, Nick!

  3. Huh. This sounds like it might be an angsty book so it's cool that it wasn't. The romance different - I'm definitely not a reader who enjoys kids/previous marriages in the story. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book, Julie!

    Have a lovely week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Yeah, I was very pleasantly surprised by the low level of angst in this one. I'm normally not a fan of previous marriages in romances either but this one was a little different for me since they were really just friends. Thanks, Alyssa!

      Hope you have a great week too!

  4. Oh this book sounds wonderful, and I have been looking for a good MM romance author to pick up. I do like that the steamy moments don't overwhelm the plot.

    Lovely review.

    1. I would definitely recommend Kindle Alexander's MM romances. I've enjoyed all of the ones that I've read so far! Thanks so much!


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