Review: Brave & Beautiful by Elizabeth Varlet

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Title: Brave & Beautiful
Author: Elizabeth Varlet
Series: Sassy Boyz, #3
Genre: MM Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: October 9th 2017

 Sexy, seductive and hiding dark secrets, the Sassy Boyz return to the stage in Brave & Beautiful

There’s only one relationship that matters to Tameron "Tam" Kis—his love affair with dance. Life’s been pretty shitty, but dance got him through it and now he’s ready to focus on what he loves. He doesn’t have the bandwidth for any distractions—especially not his sexy, not-quite-straight new neighbor.

Driver Ellis doesn’t need anything but his bike and the open road. He wouldn’t trade his drifter lifestyle for anything…until his friend calls in a favor and Driver suddenly finds himself pet-sitting. Driver isn’t thrilled being stuck in one place, though things start to look up when he sets eyes on the gorgeous girl next door. 

There’s just one problem… She isn’t a girl at all.

All it takes is one spontaneous dance to turn both Driver's and Tam’s worlds upside down. They might not have been looking for love, but as things heat up between them, it’s clear life has very different plans.

 Brave & Beautiful is the third book in the Sassy Boyz series, but all three books can be read as stand alones focusing on a new couple in each book.  This is Tam and Driver's story, but the couples from the previous stories pop in fairly often.  This one has been my favorite of the series so far.  I really loved these two, and I was happy to finally get Tam's story.  

I really loved Tam.  I just wanted to wrap him up in my arms and protect him. He has had a very traumatic past that he still struggles with every day.  The memories of his past have left him with no sexual desire at all, so he's confused when that changes the day he meets Driver.  Even after all of the horrors of his past, he is still a bit naive with some things and incredibly sweet.  Tam is the the Sassy Boyz' choreographer and dancing is his passion, so he desperately wants the Sassy Boys to get back on track with regular work. 

I had a love/hate relationship with Driver.  Maybe hate is too strong of a word.  He really frustrated me at times with his immature and selfish behavior, while other times he had me swooning with how patient and sweet he was with Tam.  Driver has some baggage of his own.  He suffered a huge loss and has spent his whole life running from his emotions by always being on the move.  He's unable to stay in one place for too long. When he and Tam first meet he is house sitting for a friend. I LOVED that even though Driver originally thought Tam was a woman, it wasn't an issue because Driver was bisexual.  There was no bisexual bashing or huge discussion, he just stated it and that was it.  I'm glad it wasn't a long drawn out issue. 

 The chemistry between them was really sizzling and they were super hot together.  I really appreciated that Tam wasn't just "cured by the magical penis". lol!  He's been through a lot and it is not easy for them.  They even have a few failed/stalled attempts.  They have to take things slow and Driver was really sweet about making sure Tam was comfortable and he was very attentive to Tam's needs. Tam got to discover the joy of touching and kissing for the first time in his life. It was so sweet.  I loved them together

I felt like this book was much more relationship focused than the previous books in this series.  The only real plot is that the Sassy Boys are struggling to find a dance space, and have been doing a ton of auditions.  I didn't actually mind the thinner plot because there was so much in between the two of them that needed to be worked through.  Driver had his guilt and running issues, and Tam had the demons of his past and was discovering his own sort of sexual awakening with Driver.  I felt as if that was enough to carry the story.  I DID think the story ended pretty abruptly for my liking though.  I liked where things were headed but I would have liked a little more.  An epilogue would have been perfect.  This one would have been a five star for me without the abrupt ending and Drivers selfish/immature behavior.  I still really enjoyed this one a lot and can't wait for more from Elizabeth Varlet.

**One warning that I would give to someone going into this one is that there are themes of loss and sexual abuse.  Tam discusses his past and briefly talks about the sexual abuse that has happened to him.  So if those could be triggering scenes for you then maybe this isn't the book for you.  I normally avoid books that have rape/sexual abuse in them but I thought this was handled well and there are no present day or on page scenes.**

* I received an ARC of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own. *


  1. This sounds interesting but very similar to several books I've read so I may have to wait until it's fresh to me.

    For What It's Worth

  2. This sounds like it has a lot of really good elements. I will keep it in mind. Great review!


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