Review: Tender with a Twist by Annabeth Albert

Friday, October 13, 2017

Title: Tender with a Twist
Author: Annabeth Albert
Series: Rainbow Cove, #2
Genre: MM Romance
Publication date: October 2nd 2017
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 One kinky wood carver. One younger chef looking to try new things. A series of lessons that bring both men more than they bargained for… 

Curtis Hunt has made a name for himself as a chainsaw wood carver, winning national competitions and operating a small business in Rainbow Cove, Oregon. As winter whittles away his tourist traffic, his goal is just to survive the season and try to not get lost in grief for his dead lover. It’s been two years, but he’s sure he’ll never be over the love of a lifetime. However, his body has a certain restlessness that he doesn’t quite know how to calm. 

Logan Rosner knows a thing or two about restlessness. It’s what drove him to Rainbow Cove to be a chef at a bar and grill run by his friends. And it’s what drives him to a single sizzling encounter with the local legendary lumberjack. Both men get far more than they expected and learn that first impressions aren’t always accurate… 

But when Logan proposes a series of sexy lessons, Curtis must decide how much he’s willing to risk. He knows he can’t afford to get attached to Logan’s good cooking, his easy smiles, or his caretaking, but he keeps going back for more, even as deeper emotions become involved. Soon, Curtis must decide whether to risk his heart again or risk losing Logan for good. 

This is the second book in the Rainbow Cove series, we met both Logan and Curtis in the previous book. Logan is one of Mason's business partners and chef at the restaurant and Curtis is Nash's grieving friend. 

There were so many things I ended up really loving about this one. One of my absolute favorite things about this one was that the characters were different than their typical stereotypes.  The alpha-looking woodcarver was a submissive, and the smaller and younger, baby-faced guy was the dom.  I loved this switch!  I also really love the small town setting.  There's something about a small town love story that gets me every time!  The secondary characters in the small town are so much fun.  We see a lot of the same people from the first book and I personally, love seeing the previous book's couple in the second book.  It's like another look into their little HEA.

Of course I also have to mention the chemistry between these two.  Annabeth Albert is great at writing chemistry.  Logan and Curtis were the perfect blend of hot and vulnerable.  I'm not a big BDSM fan but this one didn't bother me too much.  I really loved Logan's vulnerable moments since he was new to being a dom.  Logan was really caring with Curtis as soon as their scenes were done, and I loved the way Curtis tried to deny how much he loved being taken care of at first.  There was a lot of tenderness between them in those moments and I love it.  Because of their friends-with-benefits arrangement there are quite a few steamy scenes.  This book is very relationship focused.

There were a couple little things that I didn't absolutely love, but they didn't take too much away from my enjoyment of their story.  The first one is that Logan's parents drove me crazy!  They treated him like he was a child.  They even went as far as to tell him what hairstyle to have, how to dress, and who he should be dating!  I was so happy when Logan finally stood up to them.  Don't get me wrong, they are loving parents, but they are the overbearing and smothering type.

Another thing that I didn't absolutely love was that Curtis was a widower.  That sounds really bad, but here me out!  I can understand the grief that comes with losing someone and how hard it would be to open yourself back up, but I think some of his behavior was a little bit much at times.  It just got a bit repetitive with his constant feelings of "you deserve better than me".  He ended up pushing Logan at a time when he really needed him and that bothered me a lot.

Even with those couple little issues, I liked this one a lot and can't wait to read book #3!  I almost always pick up all of Annabeth Albert's books, but I really want to see more from this little town and a certain secondary character!

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  1. I loved this one. I do wish Logan yelled at his parents earlier though. Grrrrrr lol

    For What It's Worth

  2. Great review, I'm glad you enjoyed this one!

    Thanks for sharing,
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  3. Oooo, a role reversal! You always expect the lumberjack type to be the dominant one. I love that type but it is so interesting to see him be the opposite. I actually hate it when parents are too involved in a Romance novel, and for some reason the widower trope doesn't go down well for me. But I'm glad you enjoyed this one overall!

    Have a wonderful week, Julie. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!"


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